Dead Bananas

“Dead Bananas” is in 12th Street Journal’s 10th issue. Peels on Park Avenue.   There is a brown banana sitting on a fruit rack. The dark-wood fruit rack has three tiers that taper to its top. It is a prop reminiscent of the Dutch masters—the scenes they studied with oil paints. If you were to inspect it more closely, you would find a thin layer of dust that gives the rack its Old World earthiness—a real craquelure quality. The banana isn’t alone on the fruit rack: there is a globe of garlic, with one clove missing. Hard, green tips protrude from…

Musée Magazine, ‘Science’

Musée Magazine, Issue 14, Science So pleased that my first interview (with NASA) ‘The Harvest’ was published in Musée Magazine’s 14th issue themed “Science.” It was a pleasure and an amazing learning experience to be a part of the Musée team for this issue. p. 142